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fabric textures, pbr textures, free textures

fabric textures, pbr textures, free textures

If you working on 3D visualization or game dev. You need PBR textures everyday.I usually need fabric textures.

Sharetextures is a texture sharing platform created 2 years ago and sharing more than 1000 textures. All textures have 1K, 2K, and 4K resolution options and totally free textures . You don’t need registration or click ads. All you need to do is enter the website and download it.

They usually take their own photoshoots for textures. Nikon D90 and 35mm lens used while taking photos. Sometimes we use CC0 licensed photos to create new textures too.

About texture creation:

There is 3 ways to create a texture. first method using an image and converting it greyscale. you can use black and white information and their difference to create other 3d maps like normal, displacement etc. It’s an old method but still can save you if you need to use specify texture for your project. Because you can not create everything procedural, or you can not scan everything.

Second way is 3d scanning texture. you need a good photo camera and good light condisions. you basicly 3d scanning the area using photogrametry method. After that you have to fix your texture to make it seamless.

3rd way is to create your texture procedural. You need to use Substance Designer for it. As I know you can use Blender for it too but I’m using Substance Designer. You are creating your texture from scratch without using any photos. You are just using the parameters to adjust your texture. It has really great flexibility in your texture, you can change its color, dirt amount, displacement, and normal intensity with just a few clicks.

Most of their archives were created with 4096X4096 pixel texture sets. Such as great for ArchViz.They started to create procedural textures using substance designer at 2020 They started to create procedural textures using substance designer at 2020. They are adding new textures weekly as possible.

Sharetextures crew working on architectural visualization.Because of that most of the pbr textures based on Archviz. But you can request any textures from their discord channel. Also, they have really good fabric textures.

Here a few examples.