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Professional Casting Production

We produce castings on different materials. Your professional casting processes are done with our expert team.
We provide the best production of casting with the expert team, state-of-the-art machinery. Casting process is carried out with a wide range of materials such as gray cast iron, cast steel, ductile cast iron. It is possible to be careful and trouble-free, with both information and high quality materials. Being aware of this, we deliver the best service in the market. Bosphorus International Consultancy
Stainless Steel Service

Casting service is done according to the requested material. We can say that our service is delivered to you in a wide area. We act in a way to ensure complete customer satisfaction without knowing any boundaries in terms of materials and technological products. You can take into consideration, you can get a safe and trouble-free service accordingly. Castings
• Commercial vehicles
• Pumps
• Agricultural machinery
• Hydraulic components
• Vehicle construction
Conveyor technology
Production is made using stainless steel and other materials in different fields such as medical technology and compressors. It is also possible to provide the best customer satisfaction by providing services in different areas. CNC MACHINING Production costs are reduced by reducing weight and labor costs, and as a result, prices are created to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to be satisfied with the service you will receive, you can submit your demands in the field you want and ensure the production in the fastest way. At the same time, we pay attention to be both fast and high quality in terms of production. Considering this, you can get service with peace of mind.

One of the materials used is aluminum. When you look, you will see that we also offer services for castings made of external metals. The transition of welded structures to plaster is one of our solution suggestions. With different solution suggestions, different service options, you can get service smoothly. By contacting us for the most common aesthetic concept of the last period, it can be ensured that different areas are reshaped as a result of engineering analysis. You can submit your requests in this field by contacting. We offer the best solutions in different ways with different perspectives instantly. Different casting productions are revealed with aluminum and other materials.
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